Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall and Finley

Dear Finley,

I am hoping this blog will be a way for me to journal our memories of our family. You amaze me everyday with the things you are learning, phrases you say, funny words that crack us up, and the many faces you have too! You are 22 months old...almost a 2 year old. Most people think you are older when they meet you. You are tall for your age! This week has been full of new, exciting adventures for you! We had Kindermusik on Tuesday with your teacher,Mrs.Elizabeth. You are so excited when you are there. You love to sing and dance and when we left I asked you if you had a good time and you said, "I danced round and round!" and you sure did!!! I am looking forward to this experience that we will have every week in Kindermusik.

Today was your 1st day of pre-school, well actually it is Moms Morning are not old enough for pre-school and I am not ready for you to leave me yet! But, you went for 2 1/2 hours today and you did great! This morning it was almost if you knew that something different was going to take place. You were very excited at breakfast and fed yourself yougurt and grits without any help. We then had to make your picture outside before we left. You were so cute with your Toy Story book bag on your back! It looked like it weighed more than you. You were standing by some beautiful flowers that had about 10 butterflies on them and you waved bye to each one before we got in the car and left. You love the outdoors! You looked so big walking into your classroom and immediately you spotted a buzz lightyear...your favorite character!!! This is going to be a great year!

Your newest phrase: " that hurt me" Even though you don't always use it in the right setting!

I am loving every minute of this stage in your life. It is so much fun being your mom!

I love you Finley!


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