Saturday, March 9, 2013

His First Love

Do you ever stop and take time to thank your mother n law for all she did to raise your husband? When you think about the fact that she was the one who taught him about life, love, and Jesus you can't help but be overcome with thanks. Being a parent now of 2 little boys makes me think of how the daily disciplines and values that I am trying to teach them are so important. Because one day they are going to be the leader in the home of 2 precious girls and I want them to love their wives like Christ loves the church, like their daddy loves their mommy.I want them to be other's centered, serving their wives, making them feel like a princess...everyday, because that's how their daddy serves their mommy.And I know this didn't start with me, it started in home about 30 years ago when my in laws determined to raise a little boy that loved Jesus, love his family, love others. I just get to enjoy the benefits! So this thought encourages me and pushes me on the days when I am so tired of disciplining my boys and trying to be consistent with how we raise them, because I know one day there will be 2 girls that will be so thankful and this one will be too!
The mother n law/ daughter n law relationship can be tricky at first , after all she was his first love, but time and understanding makes you realize that there are 2 women on this planet that want was is best for that one man and would do anything to make him happy.And so this has helped me in my role in raising boys, to know that I am just preparing them to one day love another woman and to love her well!
So, Ginny as we celebrate your birthday this weekend I want you to know how thankful I am for you and for all you did to help mold Ray into the man he is today, the father to our boys, and my prince charming. I would marry him 1000 times over because he loves me so well!!!!! He is my dream come true and amazes me everyday with how he serves and takes care of his family. Ginny, when you look back on your life and think of the accomplishments and success you have had I hope you look at motherhood as your greatest :) ...and I know Ray Sr. had a part in it too :) make sure you read that to him!
Happy Birthday to the woman who raised my wonderful husband, who loves me as her first daughter, and spoils her grand kids...with candy! ha! Just kidding!
I love you! Glad we could celebrate YOU this weekend!
Birthday dinner...steak...yummy!

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